50th Anniversary Video!


THE 50th ANNIVERSARY DVD is now available!!
We have a limited number of copies!  Order your copy TODAY!
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From the 50th Anniversary Committee:  The DVD is filled with history of 50 years of Friends+Food+Fun+Fellowship. It contains countless video clips, interviews and photographs. This DVD is a must see, professionally produced, and is truly excellent!

The two hour DVD packed with history, photos, interviews, Back to the Fifties footage and much more.  This DVD comes highly recommended by many who have watched it. 

I just watched the DVD,  AMAZING!!! The folks who put this together, you did a fantastic job, so Proud of the MSRA and it’s heritage. So privileged to be a member. Thank You for the wonderful 50th Anniversary DVD.  Debra K.

Wow. You outdid yourselves with this video!!!!!  Great memories great great great to see everything packed into 2 hours…..it’s not long enough, I’ll be watching this over and over again.  Jeff C.

I woke up at five this morning; made coffee then walked over to our DVD player and put the 50th anniversary DVD in so I could watch it. WOW, what a fantastic job of putting the History of MSRA on a media source. To all those individuals who worked so hard to put this together, I salute you.   Dennis S.

Decide for yourself.  Watch the 6 segments that are available for your viewing pleasure on the MSRA website, then fill out your order form, write out your check payable to MSRA and mail it in to the address provided on the form. Note: We do not accept credit cards nor have an online shopping cart.
Questions? Email Joe at myhotrodhell@hotmail.com

Below are the preview on the segments we showed on social media – enjoy!
6/19/17 – In our 6th and final segment of the 50th Anniversary video, we highlight footage captured during Back to the Fifties last year. Some of this footage is included in the video while other footage ended up on the “cutting room floor.” We hope you enjoy this last segment as you prepare for your 2017 Back to the Fifties Weekend experience.

6/12/17 – This segment focused the younger generation as we continue to encourage younger members to do their part in keeping MSRA thriving. MSRA recognizes and values its younger members.

6/5/17 – A look back at the beginning of MSRA.

5/30/17 – A look at the Legislative Committee and their annual “Run To The Hill”. Featuring Colby Martin, SEMA Action Network (1:07)

5/22/17 – Featuring Dave Kindig, Kindig-It Designs, and Bitchin’ Rides (58 sec)

5/16/17 – an introduction with photos from past 50 years! (51 sec)