Ladies Showcase


JUNE 23-24-25 2017
June 23 – 24th,  9AM – 6PM and June 25th  9AM – 2 PM

The Ladies Showcase exists to give you one more thing to get excited about at our Fabulous, Back to the 50’s celebration. The list of things available to enhance your smile is presented below in overstated detail.  Choose what you like and join us in the air-conditioned comfort of the Ladies Showcase Building located at 1694 Judson Avenue, St Paul, MN 55108 (corner of Judson and Underwood).

For details on all that is happening at Ladies Showcase this year, click on the links below to view the schedule of the speakers and presenters, and a list of Vendors and their booth locations:

All of the above and more with the express purpose of presenting you with  a wonderful variety of things to make your Back to the 50’s weekend even more spectacular. Plan on joining us won’t you

BAGS: There will be 1000 bags given out each day.  Come early to make sure you don’t miss out.  The bags giveaway begins at 9:00am each day.  Friday and Saturday, they will be given out to women only, 18 years and older. Sunday, they will be given out to women and to men 18 years and older.  Heads up Sunday’s bags are pink.

For  information on how to be a part of the Ladies Showcase, 2017
contact Lora at or call 763-571-8724

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