Ladies Showcase

JUNE 21-23, 2019
June 21 – 22nd,  9AM – 6PM and June 23rd, 9AM – 2 PM

The Ladies Showcase exists to give you one more thing to get excited about at our fabulous, Back to the 50’s Weekend celebration. Join us in the air-conditioned comfort of the Ladies Showcase Building located at 1694 Judson Avenue, St Paul, MN 55108 (corner of Judson and Underwood)


As we start a new year, we would like to introduce the new Ladies Showcase Crew: Charlotte Westby, Anne Sell, Theresa Swendra, and our “Mr. Ladies Showcases-Eric Westby & Spike Swendra.
Charlotte will be the Ladies Showcase Event Coordinator. Charlotte and Eric Westby are from Bloomington and have two children: Zachary and Isabella.  Their whole family has been a part of the Back To The 50’s Weekend since 2003 and have been volunteers at the Ladies Showcase for the past 11 years.  They own a ‘58 Buick Super and a ‘47 Ford Coupe, and belong to the Wing Nuts Car Club.

Anne will be the Ladies Showcase Vendor Coordinator (yes, the vendor applications have already been mailed out and are coming in). She has been attending Back to the 50’s Weekend since 1990 and has volunteered at gates, hotel registration, and Ladies Showcase. Anne has found her “home” at the Ladies Showcase and is proud to be a member of the “family”. 

Theresa will be the Ladies Showcase Media Coordinator. Theresa and Spike are from NE Minneapolis and have two children: Alexis and Carter. They have been a part of Back to The 50’s Weekend for many years…Theresa has been attending Back to The 50’s Weekend since she was about 5 years old! She and Spike (and even their kids) have volunteered for many years before deciding to get involved with the Ladies Showcase. They own at ‘64 Buick Skylark and a ‘72 Buick Skylark Suncoupe.

Charlotte, Anne, and Theresa thank Lora Kinnan, Deb DeMars, and Cherry Weekely for this opportunity and their hard work for the past 12 years. We also appreciate your continued support as we make this transition. We hope to continue to make the Ladies Showcase a “not to miss” destination during the Back to the 50s Weekend!

For Vendor information please contact
Anne, Ladies Showcase Vendor Coordinator


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