First Aid Team!


MSRA is so proud of the volunteer Minnesota Street Rod Association First Aid Team! These dedicated men and women are led by April Warner and Mike Dahlberg! At the MSRA membership events, and during Back to the 50’s, our highly qualified volunteer First Aid staff members are available to help in case of an emergency medical situation!

First Aid Team1
2018 Brings another great year of service brought to you by the volunteer
MSRA First Aid team members at BTT50’s.

If you need first aid help please contact ANY MSRA staff members with a radio.
In case of an emergency please still dial 911 and then try to contact MSRA staff members with a radio.  We will then be able to dispatch First Aid Team members to the emergency for immediate medical attention.  When you call for medical help please remain stationary so the First Aid Team can easily locate where you are at!
IMPORTANT: Just a friendly reminder the First Aid Team does not have or carry any over the counter medications.

First Aid team members/crews can be located at the first aid station, walking out-and- First Aid Teamabout, and on golf carts throughout the fairgrounds from Thursday through Sunday. Our station is located on the North West side of the fairgrounds on the corner of Cosgrove and Randall Ave.

Our highly qualified volunteer First Aid staff members are available to help in case of an emergency medical situation!  If you are a qualified EMS provider and would like to volunteer at this year’s event, please contact us a

Tony and MeganEach volunteer team member can be recognized by the FA -Statpacks-golden-hour-ems-2013distinctive and highly visible safety green T-shirt with “First Aid” printed in red, on the front and back of the shirt, while they are on duty. Members will also be carrying a large red medical backpack when they are walking out-and-about.

cart-crewTeam members that are assigned to carts will be wearing the safety green t-shirts as well.  The carts will be marked “First Aid” and will display a medical flag to be easily identified .Please be advised that our First Aid staff on carts will be allowed to travel on one way streets, and against traffic if needed, to assist. So please “Make Way” and let us through!  When called to an emergency situation we will take the shortest route available to get help there quickly!

from-btt50s-2016-collageI NEVER KNEW THAT ……

Star of Life 237x177* Star of Life* Symbol and its Meaning
By April Warner
All of us are familiar with this symbol but what does it really mean.  We see the Star of Life at hospitals, on ambulances and on uniforms of Emergency Medical personal. So what does it mean and represent you ask?
Please click here to learn more.

Have a safe and enjoyable Back to the 50’s weekend!